Warm greetings to all interested readers who might want to connect in some way with the issues raised in this blog.

Through this blog I will be looking to weave threads of life issues into what makes up some of the important fabric of our lives. I hope to write, perhaps on a weekly, or fortnightly basis, of ways that you and I can continue to deal with our life experiences. We might share the challenges of facing ourselves, our never-ending questions and our successes in living the way we strive to on a daily and hopefully continuing basis.

I am living my life with contentment and remain grateful every day that my inner and outer self continues to strengthen and emerge as valid and open to happiness. I continue to learn, question, reflect, and self-actualise. I believe that my searching for peace and growth, always with as much honesty as I can muster, may be a pathway pointing a way for others to grow and become open to happiness.

I would like to share the pathways, roads, lanes and side-tracking that I have experienced. And I hope the sharing of my life encounters may encourage you to meet me along the way. As well as a possibly weekly or fortnightly cover letter, (based on readers’ responses)  I propose to choose a topic, perhaps with your help, and write a Special Letter to you all say, once a month, or if significant interest is revealed, once a fortnight. These letters will be a service available to all subscribers. There will be additional information each time I post that will be available to all.

I completed a doctorate some years ago which dealt with wide ranging issues covering various takes on ethics and human relationships. Our views and ways of relating to each other and the ways in which individuals, women, men and children might choose to make decisions impacting their lives, are important issues. My heroes throughout those fabulous four postgraduate study years included authors such as Zygmunt Bauman, Hannah Arendt and many other authors writing about justice, ethics, human relationships and decision making.

I have co-coordinated, with another leader, groups for women looking at ways to deal with domestic violence, and I have presented, with another colleague, information groups about how to deal with critical incidents. I have interviewed children who have described personal trauma. I was very interested in assisting to organise an international conference wherein issues in adoption from within and outside Australia were discussed.

I have also written about, and worked within related wide-ranging organisations which dealt with other impactful life challenges and further dealt with legal issues within both loving and hostile relationships. I have discussed, and mediated with various people, the complicated and intimate issues of death, life, loss and grief. I have worked with people with a view of them working towards getting to the internal mindsets he or she or they wanted to be in.

I continue to help people consider how they might look forward towards to the person they want to be, emotionally, psychologically and autonomously. My view is that autonomy or self-direction in behaviour can be achieved even if the steps taken are hard won.

My world has included the early death of loved ones. My husband, Scott, has shared those losses with me. He and I have supported each other throughout those tragedies and together have determined that we can and will work towards “getting there”. I treat every day as a time to integrate the separate losses of my loved child and, later, my dear grandchild into everyday-accepting life.

I live in beautiful Australia with Scott, in our light and comfortable home. We like to travel within Australia and overseas. We have enjoyed Alice Springs, Uluru, the Olgas, Katherine Gorge, through to Darwin, and over to the top of Queensland to Cooktown. We have eaten oysters off the rocks and travelled by four-wheel drive and tent/swag camping there and back home again.

We also like to cruise when we can afford it. We have enjoyed the Mediterranean, Asia, New Zealand, and Tasmania sailing on fabulous Princess, P&O and Holland and America Cruise ships. I will describe more cruising later. The experiences are superb and I like to focus on the people we meet and the exquisite places we have seen, on various, but usually accommodating and comfortable cruise lines. 

I am looking forward to sharing my life choices, thoughts, and experiences with you and will be delighted to know that you are here with me in the future.

Love to you all as you work towards being happy and contented with yourselves.

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