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Thinking about Life and Justice… Again and then Again

At some time or another I believe most of us think about questions we think should be important and worthy of consideration and examination. We watch various politicians all over the world who may or not be regarded as of benefit to the world. Similarly, we see other flagrantly extreme people who seem to only cast doom and gloom over their populations.

A number of such politicians or powerful individuals seem to wander through life with amazing wealth but little or no thought for less fortunate fellow humans or populations. The “other”, those who are not one of “us”, seem to have no value to the wealthy, the powerful, and other manipulative power brokers. Reason and conversation fall way behind and then fail. We yearn for the seemingly unreachable yet wished for collective responsibility for and from all of “Us”.

Similarly, there seems, worldwide, little thought or acknowledgement of the fundamental value of any other lifeforms or of our Earth. Excepting, thank goodness, for a few deeply passionate people who write about the destruction and hope for preservation of many existing lifeforms. These include all fish, animals, birds, trees, and any other phenomena including air and water, without which we, humans, will not survive.

The way we think about life and justice comes from our values, perceptions and our actions. If we care less about those important but essential nonhuman factors which support life in all its forms, then we might also consider that we are failing to support our lives and those of the future.

We might think in everyday terms about how unfair the world is and strive to find justice where none is to be found. If we look back though, we find justice has never been continuously visible throughout history. Rather than think of such fabled justice or story-book happy endings, we might rather see that the world has always been out of harmony when perceiving notions of fairness or equal justice for all.

With all that said, I love being happy. I accept that harmony worldwide has never – in my understanding of history – existed. A healthy baby born to responsible, caring and loving parents in a “free” country is simply fortunate. Other babies’ fortunes may differ. Her or his health might be precarious and or her parents or caregivers may not have access to health care services. Some parents simply do not have appropriate example, education, commitment, life skills or resources to contribute to their child’s wellbeing.  Some may not have the wherewithal to know how to respond sensitively with responsively appropriate emotional or psychological parenting to an infant or child of any age.

Some countries and their peoples are torn by war, tyrannical systems or endless poverty. In a sense this could be perceived as everyday reality, in another sense your inner world is and should be benefitted by remaining intrinsically healthy as you work towards making your own life as rich and rewarding as you can. You may have seen on television an illuminating brief interview showing a father and little girl of perhaps about three years. He had, he said, to enable her happiness and offer her a positive experience rather than trauma, encouraged her to hear the falling bombs around their home as “fireworks”. The child was shown laughing and becoming excitedly happy each time she heard the “fireworks”. His extraordinary thoughtfulness to his little girl allowed her to be happy. His choices for physical safety were constrained but, he said, if they have to die then at least they will die happy and together.

So, what to do? How can we enjoy our lives with the weight of “unfairness” upon our minds and our lives? We are here for such a short time, we are born and we die but we have limitless free will and capacity to enjoy, influence and decide our pathways. We know that the contrasts of our choices present us with ideas that might challenge other thoughts. And that is how it should be. We can remain constant in ourselves and believe we can influence our circumstances; we are at one with ourselves even so. I was trying to explain to a dear friend that we actually get to choose happiness if we work at doing so. There is no absolute right or wrong way. Our way needs to work for us without causing others pain but, in contrast, trying to bring happiness in our wake.

We can work towards doing what we can to contribute to others’ wellbeing whilst building our own firm, strong and persistent platform of personal happiness and contentment. We can volunteer to assist people and organisations that are striving to address inequity, poverty and all of nature’s gifts or disasters. We can introduce our minds to a wider panorama of thoughts, interests, beliefs and movements and delve into offering help whenever and wherever we can. I have this day applied to work voluntarily towards assisting an organisation that in turn provides significant relief to all who have been struck by natural disasters.

So, can you think of a red rose? Imagine the beautiful red petals are velvet to the touch? Can you imagine sipping a glass of Veuve Clicquot champagne (or the best one you can afford) with a friend or partner over a simple fresh dinner in the comfort of your home? If you can imagine and focus on the rose or other pleasant thought then you can, simply, change the track of your thoughts and create new pathways; the more you do this the easier it becomes. More next time…

Thinking of you all with love!

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