Life Happiness Coaching

I listen and engage to assist you discover your own pathway towards life happiness

$ 150
per hour


Dealing with trauma is tough… but you don’t have to go it alone! I’m here to support you

$ 150
per hour

Relationship Mediation

When things aren’t working out, I assist couples to comfortably navigate difficult decisions

$ 150
per hour

I provide counselling sessions over the phone, or on Facetime or by appointment in person at the Adelaide Resolution Centre 20 Unley Road, Unley, please contact me at 0404981720

Frequently Asked questions

I provide hourly counselling sessions over the phone, or on Facetime as you prefer. Upon request I ring you anywhere in Australia. 

Upon request I also can provide face to face appointments at  The Adelaide Resolutions Centre – 20 Unley Road Unley 5061


I prefer direct payments to my account: 

Dr Merrylyn Asquith

Commonwealth Bank of Australia

BSB 065140

Account Number 10160081

I have known Dr Merrylyn Asquith for many years professionally. Merrylyn is a Person of high standards and integrity. Based on Merrylyn’s involvement with many of my own clients I can attest that she offers practical and constructive advice and support. I would have no hesitation recommending Merrylyn.

Meredith Dixon

I have known, relied upon and referred to Merrylyn professionally for about 20 years. Her insight, courtesy, warmth and dedication to assisting people whether in distress or otherwise is outstanding. Merrylyn is gently reassuring, makes herself readily available and is both responsive and reliable. Merrylyn’s assessments are comprehensive, timely and absolutely thoughtful. On a more private level, Merrylyn is a person in whom I repose great trust and confidence. Her professional integrity marries her personal integrity. In times where global concerns invite pessimism, Merrylyn, nevertheless, remains optimistic and directed. I unreservedly recommend Merrylyn as a psychological-social counsellor, therapeutic worker and life coach.

Vanessa Lindsay
Barrister at Wright Chambers, Adelaide

I have known Merrylyn for over 20 years and we have worked closely together. She has a unique breadth of skills and experiences, from the most academic to the most personal, which gives her a deep insight into the challenges that people face and how to overcome them. One of her greatest strengths is the ability to listen carefully to her clients, to understand their perspective, and then gently but firmly help them to move forward. She is incredibly compassionate and optimistic, despite the hardships she has personally experienced. She has enormous energy and determination to help people live better, happier and more satisfying lives and I highly recommend her work.

Dr Karen Morley
Karen Morley & Associates

Dr Merrylyn Asquith has been my preferred mental heath professional to whom I have referred separating families during negotiation of children’s matters. I have found her assessments to show a rare ability to listen to the parents and the children and to then put forward a proposed structured residential/spending time. Her proposal enables the family to transition in the best possible way so as to serve the children’s best interests. Merrylyn’s lengthy experience has led her into the life-coaching/therapeutic counselling space. I have no doubt of her insightful skill and ability to assist individuals and families in finding ways to move forward with their lives and live in an emotionally safe and positive way. That is not to say that she will not challenge her client’s perceptions and or ideas but she will do so in a way that promotes personal growth and wellbeing for each client.

Judith Jordon

I would like to thank you for your professional and thoughtful guidance.
You always help me find my pathway towards life happiness, through guiding me and helping me in finding my strength. I now believe in myself more, and I also understand that life can be what I want to make it. I like believing that my understanding of my thoughts belongs to me, and I like believing that I can choose what to make of that understanding.
And, I like it that if a thought disturbs me I know I can work to change it so I can move on into my happy place.

Eliza Clarke
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