The Red Rose Mantra

You will recall, dear readers, that I have previously suggested you can change your thoughts from endless reflections on what happened, might happen, could happen and so on.

I suggested that you can, with effort, change your thoughts if you can think about and focus on a red rose. A perfect rose with visibly soft petals exquisitely opening and closing or appearing as an unfurling rose transitioning peacefully into petals you might dry and place in a container with other rose petals. You can simply focus on the rose as you breathe slowly and regularly in the peace and safety of your own mind.

I understand my mind belongs to me and that I can choose and shape the thoughts therein. I have practiced my self-talk for so long that now I can float to sleep with thoughts of the blue, bluest sky as I lay on a fluffy cloud gliding through that eternally present sky. As I do so I understand that this is my choice to think calm and peaceful thoughts and that I am free from any external expressions of approval, challenging opinions, or other potentially harsh incoming messages about how I should think, feel, and live.

You too can frame your own thinking, feeling, and way of living. You can make a guide for yourself of how you will act positively. Do you believe any of the following? That someone else should make the “rules” for you? Do you consider that sparrows have always eaten worms? Do you accept that dictators have always been ruthless in their control and treatment of unwanted populations? That droughts ruin productive farms again and again? That hurricanes mercilessly pound the land and the people and their places of living to destruction?  Do you believe that in every country in the world the defenceless, perhaps ill, aged, desperately poor and or handicapped are at risk of discriminatory or cruel treatment?

All of those tragedies occur, always have and will continue over time. Justice and fairness for all has never been in existence. This is our world as it is and has always been. So, what to do? This is where your choices of how you might take charge of your own happiness, your own red rose mantras, your own acceptance that indeed life can be very unfair comes into play. Your mind is your own and can be used for your own retrieval of good sound mental health and working towards becoming yourself as you wish to be.

If you have opportunities you could perhaps find ways to work towards fairer outcomes for those who are enmeshed in circumstances that will only bring them pain and suffering. You could fight for justice and fairness in a wide range of situations rather than sink into depression and hopelessness.

We can see how persons of colour and poor people always seem to rank higher in prison populations than the wealthy. We might know that those able to afford highly reputable and experienced lawyers, and then barristers perhaps, are very much more likely to “receive justice” than those who cannot afford those privileges.

We understand that many men are physically bigger and stronger that many women. We can understand and perceive that children are vulnerable to harm when they are in the care of unfair, unjustifiably harmful, perhaps cruel or otherwise “bad” people or circumstances.

We may take what measures we can to alleviate such discrimination and lack of fairness for all. We can also choose to know that we are privileged indeed if we can use our own thoughts to know and accept that we cannot live in despair, hopelessness, and abject sorrow about things we cannot change. We can accept that over millennia others have not been able to change prejudice and inequity.

We need to commit to our responsibilities to live our own lives to the very best of our abilities. Our lives might offer our children hope for the future as they explore their views of how to live joyful, responsible, self-directed lives. You might also need to focus on yourself again and again without likening your circumstances to friends, family, acquaintances and so on.

Forget measuring your security in terms of money, power, things, or status. You are your security. You are your own measure. I believe that you are the person who can believe for yourself that you are unique and exceptionally secure in your ability to work every day towards becoming yourself in peace and contentment.

Remember, what you carry in your mind and thoughts can be so much heavier that a trolley full of bricks. If you carry fear, jealously, hatred, or anger, with little idea about how to escape those burdens, you may negatively influence your everyday thoughts and actions. Those negative thoughts may impact your interactions with others towards unkindness and a lack of sincerity towards yourself and possibly others. If, on the other hand you act with heartfelt thoughtfulness, kindness, and spontaneity of spirit, you will be acting with love towards yourself.

Practicing positive thoughts seems likely to be more beneficial to your wellbeing than repetitive bad habits which immerse you in the status quo. Take a chance! Fake it until you make it! Make up your own Red Rose Mantra!

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