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Dr Merrylyn Asquith PhD

Warm greetings to all interested readers who might want to connect in some way with the issues raised in this site. I will be continually looking to weave threads of life issues into what makes up some of the important fabric of our lives.

I will be writing regularly of ways that you and I can continue to deal with our life experiences. We might share the challenges of facing and accepting ourselves, ask our never-ending questions and celebrate our successes in finding resilience, joy and self acceptance. We will celebrate finding pathways towards finding authentic, life long happiness.

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About Me

I achieved my PhD in Philosophy at the University of South Australia in 2003, studying human relationships, social science, ethics and decision making. I have dedicated my professional life to helping people deal with challenging life experiences and pursue authentic happiness.

My time as a social scientist, practitioner and counsellor of many forms, has provided me with a wide range of skills through which to assist others resolve difficult issues. I have further been involved as a provider of expert evidence in cases involving complex relationships.

Having dealt with my own trauma over the years, I am passionate about sharing my experiences through this website in an effort to help others better understand their own. For those looking for direct support, I provide hourly counselling sessions over the phone, or on Facetime as you prefer. Upon request I ring you anywhere in Australia.

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