Living in Peaceful Parallel with your own Unique Spirit

Dear Readers,
Are you choosing to live the way you want? Are you in love with life, in love with your dear ones, happy, contented, and useful? Enjoy!
At times we might be completely mystified by the ways of the world. Okay then, I admit we may quite often be completely mystified about many things. But, then again, we understand the mystery of beauty existing in the same way that we understand the mystery of ugliness existing. Peace versus pain, silence versus clamour, life versus death, humour versus anger, energy versus apathy, and passionate interest versus indifference – all are there for our examination and all are available for us to choose.
What if we were to assume that these contrasting states of mind are necessarily so? How else would we be able to appreciate our life choices and work towards becoming the happy, contented, productive, and loving people that we wish to be? As we compassionately nurture ourselves, our loved ones, and all persons we meet along the way, we know that we might slip back into self-defeating, downright painful, and less developed thinking.
What to do? Take charge dear ones; take charge of your thoughts. Refresh your beauty of spirit and energy, and happily refocus on enjoyment and pleasurable thoughts. Believe your expectation that this energised and courageous approach to your growing self will work. When you believe in your renewed approach and your capacity to rethink, relearn and reintegrate your focus on being the joyful person you are capable of being, your performance will actually improve. Oh, you might sigh, I can’t, life isn’t fair (remember a fair is a circus) everyone else has more than me, they are luckier, stronger, prettier, taller, slimmer, and are in every way more than I could be! Deep inside you know that is not so. Your belief in yourself to become the person you want to be will, with your energy and commitment, certainly become a fact.
You too are a child of the universe, you too are a grain of sand in the eons of time, you have this life as a gift from the universe and life is to be enjoyed. You understand that you are as you think you are. The impact of your positive imaginative dreams will contribute to your meaning, purpose, and practice.
When each of us was born we immediately commenced to assign meaning to the things we saw and heard. You and I have attached meaning to many things we remember and to many that we cannot remember. Each of us has enormous resources, if we so choose, to engage with ourselves and our memories in order to detach from some of our earlier experiences that may have brought us pain. We probably won’t remove them from our memories but we can leave them tucked safely away in the far reaches of our minds. If they arise, we can gently soothe ourselves and purposefully change our thoughts to better, kinder, more compassionate, and productive thoughts.
Take on a thoughtful task. Think about why, for example, some of the people you know thrive in happiness and contentment whilst others suffer in unhappiness. Can you determine any factors that might have contributed to either group’s status, the happy and the unhappy? Personality, you might say, would be a factor, maybe illness, maybe not enough money, all of those things could cast a person into gloom. You might argue that the happy have none of those detriments and the unhappy have all of them. Hmm?
A dear, very happy friend of mine has multiple sclerosis and all the pain that goes with that ailment. Another happy friend has recurring cancer and all the pain that goes with that illness. Another sad and bitter friend lives in a utopian penthouse in the centre of the city where everything is at her fingertips. Her husband leaves for professional highly paid work each morning but rarely comes home for dinner. He explained that after many years he has given up trying to appease his wife’s perpetual state of unhappiness notwithstanding her continuing efforts to seek ongoing help with a variety of health professionals. Sadly, she does not appear to be able to utilise her own resources to commence healing.
However, simple and straightforward thoughts about why some people seem caught in their sadness, bitterness, hopelessness and quiet anger, may sometimes be confounding. Those thoughts may also be nowhere near the mark regarding why another person seems to choose unhappiness. And this is why each one of us can choose to build our own store of happiness, we need to see, feel, and think about how to improve ourselves as we work at being the happier person we are becoming each and every day.
Place beautiful flowers in your living room to remind you of beauty and peace. Seeing can morph into believing as the old saying goes. I believe you are what you think. Believe in your intellect and your capacity to apply that intellect and accompanying insight to your behaviours. Write yourself a mantra to say, without fail, each morning and evening. Praise your own unique promise to treat yourself with kindness and compassion and praise your belief in growing forward to inner peace and joy forever.
Love and best wishes. Be happy, celebrate your life!

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