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Hello everyone out there!

Today is a beautiful day, sunny and warmish. Not quite there yet in the warmth stakes but getting better. I walked through the suburbs around our house and loved seeing the multitude of birds around in spring and the beautiful avenues of trees. The day was then made even better by my (finally) getting better at trying to post and edit things on this website.

I have been very busy completing two university courses provided either for free and with a letter of confirmation describing fulfilment of the course requirements. Alternatively, for a small fee a certificate is also provided. I absolutely enjoyed completing Major Depression in the Population – A Public Health Approach via Johns Hopkins University and then completed Positive Psychology: Resilience Skills in a Time of Uncertainty via University of Pennsylvania. Great educative course and so interesting. I am now au fait with the possibly very useful emic or etic approaches to assessing or interviewing persons who might not be familiar with a straightforward designated biopsychosocial or other clinical mental health assessment tools.

Life is good and my work provides me with satisfaction. My wonderful clients continue to be growing towards where they want to be. Stay safe, practice safety in contact, maybe put the traveling holidays on hold for a while like we are, but still enjoy your life in every way that you can. So, that’s all for today, I will be in touch again soon.





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