Good News and Bad News

A warm hello to all of you wonderful people out there.

(1) The bad/good news first. We planned on a little holiday (good). I was driving our late model Subaru Outback on a country road just past Tailem Bend. 97 k’s per hour in a 110 zone. The bad news is that under the bonnet something catastrophic happened. It sounded like a small brick was being tumble dried under that bonnet. The wheels locked and the car commenced to judder and all alerts were flashing (very bad). I managed to pull over as far as I could off the highway. As the car came to a stop, the engine continued to purr softly. It was not the engine, I can only guess the transmission or the cv joints (very bad). The engine itself after starting again purred sweetly but the car would not move. It was quite a challenge to remain calm. However along comes a requested tow truck with a great guy, ‘Blake’ very professionally getting the vehicle on the bed of his tow truck. Off to the dealer in the city for opinion! This vehicle has only done about 46,000 kilometres. We will hear in the morning the probably million dollar damage (bad). We speculate that possibly, given the age and mileage of the car that it is a manufacturer’s fault. I will keep you posted!

(2) I read of young Indigenous children being strip searched by police. (very inhumane). I consider it quite likely their extreme experiences, as powerless young people at the hands of adult people/police in positions of power, will shape the children’s capacity for overall wellbeing.

The good in this story is that Slater Gordon interstate is promoting a class action on the children’s behalf. I can only hope the children’s rights to be treated respectfully, compassionately, sensitively and with consideration for their emotional, psychological, relational and physical wellbeing will be upheld and supported.

(3) Another piece of good news is that I am again undertaking private family assessment reports after having time off from such work for some eighteen months after the death of a close family member. The bad news is that the premises and organisation who have provided me with professional rooms are not going to be in existence for much longer (bad news). However the wonderful professionals who provided such therapeutic work to clients over the years are (I only speculate I must admit) all retiring from at least full time work.

Stay well, practice optimism, positivism and build your resilience. Remain compassionate, kind and clever!




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  1. Hi Dr Asquith, Congratulation on your new Pathways Towards Life Happiness Website

    I would like to thank you for your professional and thoughtful guidance.
    You always help me find my pathway towards life happiness, through guiding me and helping me in finding my strength. I now believe in myself more, and I also understand that life can be what I want to make it. I like believing that my understanding of my thoughts belongs to me, and I like believing that I can choose what to make of that understanding.
    And, I like it that if a thought disturbs me I know I can work to change it so I can move on into my happy place.

    Eliza Clarke

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