Cruising along the Highway


Well, there we were, cruising along the highway from Tailem Bend to Mount Gambier for a well-earned break. I like driving long distances and was tootling along at 97 ks in a signposted 110 ks-speed limit towards Coonalpyn. We were about 26 ks out of Tailem Bend when I knew and heard something really, really bad was happening under the bonnet. And then the wheels, all four of them, stopped turning. The car was hopping along like a kangaroo leaving visible rubber on the road. Scary wasn’t in it!

I managed to steer the recalcitrant vehicle over to the side, off the semi-trailer highway. I, and hubby, were feeling so grateful not to end up as mush. Sticks and stones and broken bones and all of those possibilities flashed through our minds. (We agreed that later). We could not put the car into reverse or park. The engine sounded as sweet as ever though.

We called the RAA for assistance and about an hour later the estimable Blake the mechanic/tow truck driver from Tailem Bend arrived. He ended up taking us and the car back to Subaru in the city and whizzed his huge vehicle down into the underground workshop. Fabulous response from responsive Matthew (and Peter) at Subaru. Subaru mechanics did great work with the repairs.

But prior to the above, after examination of the car at Subaru, we got the bad news. As speculated and later confirmed it appeared to be a no-oil problem. And yes, an apprentice from the repair/service garage workshop, where we always take our car, had been asked to put oil into the differential port. In error, it seemed, he or she had put it into the cv port.

Without lubrication, the whole machinery connected to the wheels, front and back, had basically shattered. (My non-mechanical skills description). The parts would take forever to come from Japan. But No! An alert was put out to all Subaru dealers in Australia to see if anyone had the required parts. And we were fortunate to have them delivered sooner than the four to six weeks as had been suggested.

Well, there was a happy ending! Our highly responsible motor repair and service business owner had comprehensive insurance for such an event (and or other calamities I guess). We were covered for the repairs, the tow, the taxi to work because of carrying burgeoning briefcases, and all other associated expenses that ensued.

We were not so lucky with the holiday place we had paid for upfront though. The insurance was limited to such events only outside of South Australia.

Guess what we thought! We gave thanks for our lives, more  thanks for no injuries, and much gratitude for our  safety, and for our fantastic tow truck man, and  felt fortunate for our fantastic motor repair owner who took responsibility and who had the insurance. We thought and confirmed that our choices and pathways forward into everyday life are never-ending pathways towards happiness.


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